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What We Do

Our purpose is to help private investors, families, entrepreneurs and corporations to preserve and build the value of their wealth over time.

We present a comprehensive suite of financial and investment management services that evolve in line with the ever-changing economic landscape.

To facilitate change, our services are developed around the specific needs of our clients, as we maintain flexibility in our approach to portfolio design and true diversification.

Impartial financial management

Our independent status enables us to focus on the individual goals of each client, ensuring that objectives are realized ahead of the wider interests of our firm. To this end, our success is a direct result of that of our clients.

Working in partnership with each client, our specialists take the time to understand their circumstances as together a series of objectives are determined to form the foundations of a comprehensive wealth management structure.

We remain focused on realizing client's objectives through the continuous management of financial services that we believe are essential to success under the current economic climate.

In line with your preferences

At a time where many investors choose an industrialized solution, we believe a segment exists whereby preferences prefer a more personalized experience to the delivery of favorable outcomes.

Delivering on the preferences of our clients demands a dedicated, bespoke approach, powered by technology, implemented by intuition and with a level of expertise expected only of a best-in-class organization.

Institutional level services

Asset Management

Working with family offices, investment committees, trustees and corporations, Evans Chamberlain Asset Management leverages the collective experiences gained by our team of investment banking specialists. In a fast-paced business environment, idea generation and innovative strategies have become the hallmark of our institutional level services as we tailor solutions around the dynamic needs of leading corporations.

We provide seamless advice, relative to industry specifics and in consideration of a much wider corporate strategy. Understanding how businesses function within a competitive environment helps us to provide solutions to overcome the financial challenges faced by organizations.

With each level of service, the investment process maintains a number of core-similarities that focus on the unique circumstances and direct objectives of each client.

For Private Investors & Families

We present clients with the choice of a fully managed discretionary experience or an investment advisory solution.
With each level of service, the investment process maintains a number of core-similarities that
focus on the unique circumstances and direct objectives of each client.

Discretionary investment management

Manages portfolio services

Our discretionary investment management services are suitable for those who do not have the time or expertise required to direct an investment portfolio towards its most favorable position.

As such, the responsibility for the day-to-day management of assets is designated to a team of specialists whose administrative competencies compliment their execution prowess ensuring that chosen strategies are best managed through a series of market conditions.

Investment advisory

Our advice. Your decisions

In contrast to this, our investment advisory seeks to provide sophisticated investors with contemporary insights supported by robust research practices to facilitate the efficient execution of a self-managed investment portfolio.

Working closely with a dedicated investment advisor, clients have direct access to our global information network and are able to leverage our abilities to forecast change.

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