Private Office

Family Wealth Management

Evans Chamberlain Asset Management's Private Office presents a bespoke financial management
services for ultra-high net worth individuals and families. Building on wealth
accumulated over time, or on wealth passed down through a number of generations,
is a responsibility that demands a specialist hand.

Sophisticated management of significant wealth

Evans Chamberlain Asset Management's Private Office solutions seek to overcome the complexities that come with the possession of significant wealth. Our dedicated team work to manage and provide relative advice upon a range of matters above those typically associated with investment management.

Our expertise helps to explore wider family matters from estate planning, legal issues, investment identification and acquisition, insurance and security, and international trust incorporation.

We tailored services to accommodate the type and level of attention each private office demands. Whether primary objects relate to investment management, legacy planning or general financial consultation, our services are impartial and remain discreet to protect privacy.

Institutional level services

Asset Management

Working with family offices, investment committees, trustees and corporations, Evans Chamberlain Asset Management leverages the collective experiences gained by our team of investment banking specialists. In a fast-paced business environment, idea generation and innovative strategies have become the hallmark of our institutional level services as we tailor solutions around the dynamic needs of leading corporations.

We provide seamless advice, relative to industry specifics and in consideration of a much wider corporate strategy. Understanding how businesses function within a competitive environment helps us to provide solutions to overcome the financial challenges faced by organizations.

With each level of service, the investment process maintains a number of core-similarities that focus on the unique circumstances and direct objectives of each client.

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