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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a thorough understanding of the markets in which we operate.

Across geographies and asset classes we focus on the early identification of fundamental change to help us capitalize on emerging opportunities and to efficiently defend against threats.

We believe that as market uncertainty continues to prevail, investor preferences have evolved to demand a more targeted approach to the management of assets in alignment with their specific circumstances.

Absolute Investment Returns

In accommodating this change, our philosophy is driven by a dedication to meeting the individual needs of our clients.

We accomplish this by focusing on a core-investment strategy that seeks to deliver returns on an absolute basis. This means that irrespective of market conditions, our clients have comfort in the knowledge that the value of their assets increase over time.

In partnership with our clients

At Evans Chamberlain Asset Management, we understand that our clients continue to place their trust in our abilities to deliver an investment experience to satisfy their demands.

Only by evolving to meet the changing investment preferences of our client base will the relationship between clients and our firm continue to prosper.

As such, we strive to deliver risk-adjusted returns on investment in line with the individual needs of each client under our management.

Changes to modern portfolio theory

The dimensions of portfolio diversification have been forced into a period of change as traditional portfolio theory fails to keep up with the evolving economic times.

While we continue to specialize in the identification and management of high value equities and bond placements, we believe the benefits of portfolio diversification can be enhanced through the inclusion of assets that are negatively correlated to traditional forms of equity, bond and cash holdings.

Alternative investments present investors with the potential to further diversify portfolio performance. As investors are forced into taking on increased levels of equity risk, bonds no longer offer a return sufficient to balance the level of risk assumed.

As the return profile of equities and bonds becomes ever more correlated, alternative investments incorporated as part of a diversified portfolio work to relieve the excessive strain on performance caused by an overexposure to risk.

Core Investment Strategy

Our core-investment strategy adheres to a proven process enabling us to develop investment profiles based on a long-term approach to strategic asset allocation.

As the foundation to our investment process, core-strategies are used as a point of reference by which bespoke portfolios are designed in line with each client's unique investment objectives.

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