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Our multi-asset strategies seek to deliver favorable outcomes to align with the unique objectives of each client. With a philosophy based on the delivery of absolute returns, clients are provided with a customized benchmark to measure performance at each stage of the investment cycle.

Designed to be incorporated within the workings of a diversified portfolio, our multi-asset mandates seek to compliment the performance of the existing asset allocation within a functional portfolio by providing flexible components of liquidity, a balanced return profile and capital preservation.

Multi-asset Investment Solutions

Targeted solutions for specific outcomes

By its very nature, a multi-asset component within a portfolio is highly diversified, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of risk mitigation and the management of drawdowns.

Working closely with clients, our risk-based approach seeks to identify client specific objectives in line with their capacity for assuming risk. Within these carefully analyzed parameters, our specialists actively maximize value in response to market changes as the multi-asset strategy evolves throughout the economic cycle.

As each multi-asset component is developed around the objectives of individual investors, our clients take comfort in the knowledge that their portfolio of assets works towards the realization of their goals. On an absolute basis, returns are justified in line with a pre-determined benchmark as other investments leverage on the benefits provided through the multi-asset performance scale.

For investors whose preferences are perhaps more aggressive, we balance the design of the multi-asset component to increase exposure to diversification rather than simply increasing the equity allocation. In this way, we believe that whilst portfolios have a better chance of increasing the return profile, risks are carefully managed to ensure returns remain absolute.

Liquid Alternatives

Liquid alternatives enhances the diversification spread of assets as risks are managed to counteract the increasing effects of market volatility.


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