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Liquid Alternatives

In the current economic climate, equity market valuations around the world present investors with much fewer opportunities to capture satisfactory value in line with an acceptable tolerance towards risk. This scenario essentially forces investors to take on more equity risk in pursuit of satisfying their return requirements.

In light of the prevailing market conditions, investors are increasingly seeking the benefits presented through the incorporation of liquid alternative as part of a diversified portfolio. Carefully selected to enhance the underlying performance of an existing portfolio, liquid alternatives target returns that are uncorrelated to the more traditional investment classes such as equities and bonds.

Incorporating liquid alternatives into an existing portfolio enhances the diversification spread of assets as risks are managed to counteract the increasing effects of market volatility.

  • Hedge funds: Long/short equity, global macro, event driven, managed futures
  • Alternative risk premia
  • Private equity
Liquid Alternative Investments

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Evans Chamberlain Asset Management presents a number of impact investing solutions to promote the goodwill upstanding of corporate responsibility and longstanding heritage.


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