Impact Investing

Sustainable Foundations

In addressing the needs of institutions, and assisting with the philanthropic
activities of high-net worth families, Evans Chamberlain Asset Management presents a number of impact investing
solutions to promote the goodwill upstanding of corporate responsibility and longstanding heritage.

Ethical Exclusions Impact Investing

Ethical exclusions

Meeting the investment preferences of clients who wish to avoid companies whose business activities conflict with underlying values or beliefs.

Examples may seek to exclude tobacco companies, defense manufacturers, environmental damage, genetic manipulation.

ESG Impact Investment Solutions

ESG solutions

Corporate social responsibility has evolved from being a form of advertising to becoming an integral part of business sustainability.

Environmental, social and governance measures provide a detailed indication of how a company engages with its surroundings, manages human resources and approaches shareholder concerns.

Companies who fully appreciate the power of successful ESG campaigns are more likely to reward investors with best practice management and sustainable business operations.

Impact Investing

Impact investing

Evans Chamberlain Asset Management identifies firms whose activities have a significant and measurable impact on the greater good of mankind.

Whilst such investments may require a long-term perspective, impact investors are perhaps less concerned with financial returns on their investment, but are instead rewarded through the development of a legacy that seeks to compliment a CSR strategy or strengthen the values of a long-staring family heritage.

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