Investment Capabilities


With a focus on investing in value, our equity strategies are distinguished by two distinctive investment mandates; High-conviction and Factor-based.

As markets evolve through this period of uncertainty, anticipating equity price movements with a degree of reliability involves an active and aggressive management style based on short-term, event driven trading.

Whilst we believe that our services must evolve in line with market conditions, we do not relinquish the responsibilities we hold as custodians of our client's wealth. As equity market valuations become ever more inflated, investors are being forced to assume levels of equity risk above their preferred tolerance.

In this instance, we stand true to our beliefs in a value proposition, adhering to a series of time honored fundamentals that seek to uncover and capitalize upon value driven investment opportunities.

Equity Investment Capabilities

High conviction equity strategies

With a focus on a long-only approach, our high conviction equity strategies are unconstrained by benchmark performance expectations in pursuit of alpha delivery and risk-adjusted returns.

We combine a value investment philosophy with both macro and micro economic analysis to determine whether the companies in which we invest possess the ability to demonstrate sustainable business practices throughout the course of a business cycle. Ultimately, we seek to identify and invest in companies whose values are misplaced by the wider market.

We believe that our high conviction investment strategies form a critical part of a longer-term approach to the generation of wealth. Our belief in this instance is emphasized most during this period where the performance of many assets classes are highly correlated and offer lower levels of return for increased exposure to risk.

Factor based equity strategies

In pursuit of outperformance, our form based equity strategies focus on a number of characteristics that help our specialists to determine ideal investment scenarios over the course of time; value proposition, quality identification, momentum, risk profile and size.

By maintaining a focus on these five characteristics, we are better positioned to make informed decisions ensuring that exposure to each allocation is optimized and price form factors remain favorable both at the point of acquisition and through a period whereby intrinsic value are realized.


Multi-asset mandates seek to compliment the performance of existing asset allocation within a functional, diversified portfolio.


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